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Business-related or personal, writing is a skill. A skill you can learn. Perfect. Enhance. By practice. With Content Marathon.

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73.4% of employers prefer a candidate with strong writing skills.

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One hour a day

Build your writing habit by practicing one hour a day, every day for a week.

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How does Content Marathon work?

Stewart Rogers

Stewart Rogers,
blogger and journalist at VentureBeat

Motivating you and keeping you on track is Stewart’s mission. Submit all tasks on time to get your final story reviewed by Stewart Rogers and have a chance to win a MacBook.

Learn Universal Laws Of Writing

Writer At Home
Professional pathway
  • Acquire a must-have writing skill
  • Make money creating content
  • Advance
    your career
  • Enhance your communication skills
Personal Pathway
& Personal
  • Build a habit of writing
  • Bring your ideas to life
  • Build your
    personal brand
  • Overcome the fear of the blank page

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  • Stewart’s writing has always been an inspiration. He has been a long-time mentor and has helped inspire my interest for writing about all things tech.

    Rachel Wolfson, Forbes Columnist and Podcast Host
  • Stewart’s advice over the years has helped me target my writing towards a more select audience, specifically tech entrepreneurs and VCs.

    Amy Higgins, Director of Content at Sojern
  • Working with Stewart Rogers transformed my writing style and gave me the skills and confidence I need to achieve my goal to write inspirational online content. His unwavering motivation and support have been critical to my current success.

    Victoria Loskutova, Blogger at The Glide and Founder of The Atlantic Stories
  • I’ve always been a professional marketer and speaker. So, personal brand is inherently important to this job. Great writing skills are a big part of success there, yet writing hasn’t been my strongest side. After taking mentoring gigs with Stewart, I really learned how to effectively communicate my thoughts within a written piece – short and to the point.

The Winning Course

  1. Week 1

    Watch daily 20-minute video tutorials and complete 7 exercises to put your knowledge into practice.

    1. Choosing a topic & building a habit – The first step when it comes to writing a compelling text is getting yourself in the right mindset. First, you’ll learn how to stay focused and productive. In order to maintain your motivation, you’ll need to find an angle. So, we’ll show you how to experiment with topic research to help you recognize a great idea and figure out if it’s worth your efforts.
    2. Building plotlines – Whether you’re building an entire narrative, or writing for an Instagram account, you have to get your readers “hooked” onto your story. How do you do that? This tutorial will tell you all you need to know.
    3. Developing character – Whatever your topic of choice, your story will always feature a central character – whether you are building a fictional one, your personal brand (in which case you’d be the character), or are highlighting a social issue to your readers. Whichever one it is, there are always familiar patterns your character has to go through in order to resonate with a wider audience, and turn any text into a compelling story.
    4. Choosing your words and making them resonate emotionally – Language and emotion are the only tools you can effectively use to communicate your idea and story. Here, you’ll learn how to use language to guide readers through a sophisticated idea. But most importantly, you’ll learn how the language used in your writing can solicit an emotional response.
    5. Finessing the first line & getting inspired by movies – The first line is often the determining factor when grabbing and holding your readers’ attention. Once that aspect is fulfilled, we’ll show you how to use the “cinematic approach” by harnessing the powerful concept of suspense to bring your text to life.
    6. Adapting your writing to different mediums & channels – Your writing, your language, your sentence structure, can and should be tweaked depending on the channel it’s intended for. While one medium might require a more conversational approach, another might push you to use specific techniques. Here, you’ll discover how to adapt your text and narrative for various channels.
    7. Breaking the rules – We all know that rules are made to be broken. Only by knowing and acknowledging the laws of writing, can you break them with mastery and talent, just like the most notable writers and content creators out there are known for skillfully doing.
  2. Weeks 2 & 3

    The learning portion is complete and now it is time for an additional two weeks of practical exercises to turn your writing into a habit. We’ll deliver your exercises straight to your inbox every weekday.

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